[balloon-makers] homemade burners?

Matt McKee flyboy_matt at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 1 01:20:54 CST 2001

Just a thought along the lines of Valves, what about using a large ball 
valve? it would remove many of the seal problems, as long as you used one 
especially fo high pressure/cold applications.
just my 2 cents worth

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>Tom, as it happens, we're bending up a model burner this weekend from 
>  Compression fittings should work well with this.  After we get it working
>hope to use it as pattern for stainless.  That will look much better and 
>a lot more safety margin.  Besides, the cat's food bowl of stainless looks
>about the right size to make the base out of.  I have used standard furnace
>nozzles in the past for my home-made glow burner attachments, (before most
>manuf. built then in.)
>As far as skirts are concerned, I feel that the burner needs some 
>in the bottom portion during inflation, etc.  Besides, the can gives you 
>protection from the constant dripping due to the burner producing water as 
>product of combustion.  Most people who flew the old Adams and  Raven
>balloons had a large collection of shirts that were stained from the black
>soot coming down on their head and shoulders.
>Rego DOES make a blast valve.  Head, TBW and others have them as standard 
>their burners.  Not sure what the part number is but your local propane
>supplier should be able to get one for you.
>Barnes came up with a very simple pilot light system that used tubing with 
>plug that had a plug that obstructed most of the flow but was almost fool
>proof.  Another posssibility is buying a standard propane torch at the 
>hardware store and using the torch part plumbed to a vapor line from your
>main tank.  Works great, as Head has used this since he started building
>Duane Clark in South Carolina, where it's 72 and almost Spring today.
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