[balloon-makers] Parachute Vent and Centering lines

Paul Vincent Craven paul at cravenfamily.com
Sun Apr 1 19:48:27 CDT 2001

What is a 'fid'? A 'findertrap'? I'm lost.

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> Keith,
> I used Type IIA nylon suspension line sleeeving for my parachute 
> lines. Part
> number W9680 from Para Gear parachute supply.  
> http://www.para-gear.com   It
> is about $18 for a hundred yard roll. It is flattened and sized so it is
> easy to work with. You can also use a small fid to fingertrap the ends to
> make a loop, run a stitch to hold it and voila a perfect loop. I'm sure
> others have used different methods but this has worked well for me.
> Mike Lavoie
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