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phillip macnutt macnutt at jump.net
Mon Apr 2 06:10:30 CDT 2001

My name is Phil MacNutt, and I live in Austin Texas.  I started building in
1994, and have completed 3 systems to date, with a 4th one in progress.  We
took the 83K to 32,000 feet without melting it.  A lame attempt compared to
the big boys (Dunn, Lindstrand, Nott, Starkbaum, et.al.), but was fun for
I like tank flying whevever possible, and currently use a raven 20 gallon
laydown.  Greg Winker and I are hopelessly entangled in gas ballooning right
now, so that is where our time is being spent.  We anticipate flying our new
bag this summer with the new cruiser basket we are building.

All you guys should go to Brian's event in May.  Skinny and I have not
missed one in years.
-50 baskets to look at, including wheelchairs, trash cans, and who knows
what else
-great people
-Brian's museum of bizzare artifacts, including a space shuttle tire and
spam collection
-Only balloon building event in the world that I'm aware of
-pure fun

Some usefull links:

Paul Craven has a building web site

If you have built, you should send some info to Paul so he can include it on
the user pages.

See some work on a gas basket that I'm building.  Greg Winker and Tim
Baggett have been a huge help on this one. There is also some video on the
"films" page of an altitude run I made, as well as video of Jonathan Wolfe's
tye dyed balloon (wow!).  Also, if you want to see Brian Boland's "Viking
Ship Astro MiniVan", checkout the Vermont video.

Ted Gauthier's experience building a basket

John Kugler and NH3 flying

Roland Escher's great site

Bret (Micki Killingsworth builds perfect envelopes, you should see her work)

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