[balloon-makers] personal history/confession

Sandy Hixenbaugh sandyh at nauticom.net
Tue Apr 17 09:53:48 CDT 2001

Looking at the total weight of the system it looks like a few critical items
weren't factored in the total weight of the system. Such as:
Cables, that heavy crown ring you all have been discussing, velcro,
carabiners, rapide links, drop line or crown line, centering cords, red
line.  Weight seems to add up so fast.

I have to agree with Phil about adding another 3,000 cu. ft. to the volume.
I haven't looked at your spreadsheet for your design, but have you factored
in the area you are losing from the mouth of the balloon to the to the point
of the cone if you were using smalley numbers.
When sewing the 50,000 I didn't think about that, but we're planning on
building a smaller balloon and will certainly adjust the volume

Sandy Hixenbaugh

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> Another very critical thing to consider is that small balloons are hard to
> "turn around".

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> I am embarrassed to say, but the envelope size is based purely on the
> fabric width.  45 inches.  I haven't started cutting yet, but I
> figured 22K would work okay for me.
> I'm pretty light, (140 lbs) and I plan to fly in the northern parts
> of the US mostly.  So I figured it would be okay.
> My lift calcs look like this:
>     52.3 lbs        Envelope weight (it's 2.1 ounce cloth!)
>      2.6 lbs        Thread weight
>      9.2 lbs        Load Tape weight
>     23.0 lbs        Tank, empty
>     21.0 lbs        Burner weight
>     42.0 lbs        Fuel weight(10 gal)
>     --------
>    150.1 lbs        Total System Weight
>       21,210        Envelope size in cubic feet
>        70° F        Temperature, Fahrenheit
>     29.92 in        Barometer/altimeter setting, inches Hg.
>       225° F        Max. envelope temperature
>     5,000 ft        Max. altitude in feet
>      350 lbs        Max gross lift available
>     -150 lbs        LESS net fueled weight
>     --------
>      200 lbs        Net available for passengers
> I weigh 138 lbs in appropriate clothing.
> I have a Raven/Aerostar HP II burner.
> I will see what happens if I add a 45" gore or two.  :^)
> Tom
> On 4/16/01, phillip macnutt wrote:
> >Tom, have you already started cutting?  If not, let's make sure the 22k
> >the right size.
> >
> >You can add 3,000 cubic feet for almost no weight gain due to the cubic
> >nature of the model.
> >
> >Anyway, I fly a 25K, and in the summer, I'm near redline once the sun
> >up.  Of course, I live in Texas...
> >
> >>From my calculations, the fabric weight is:
> >
> >22K - 35 lbs.
> >25K - 38 lbs.
> >28K - 41 lbs.
> >
> >The 28K can lift 120 lbs. more than a 22 (sea level, standard day).
> >a lot.
> >
> >What kind of burner are you going to use?
> >
> >
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> >
> >
> >
> >This is my entire lifetime of ballooning experience, such as it is,
> >in chronological order.
> >
> >-- In the 10th grade, my science teacher gave me an Edmund Scientific
> >model balloon kit, (big tissue paper and a coat hanger.) His students
> >felt it would never fly, and gave up on it.
> >
> >-- About ten years ago, I built a seven foot balloon out of
> >newsprint.  I put our vacuum cleaner on our charcoal grill to shoot
> >hot air into the balloon.  The balloon flew, but the chicken on the
> >grill was destroyed, and the belt on the vacuum cleaner melted.  My
> >wife still speaks about my recipe for "Hoover Chicken" with
> >skepticism.
> >
> >-- I eventually built a 19 foot diameter balloon out of newsprint.  I
> >made up the gore spreadsheet myself with Excel.  It flew onto my
> >neighbor's roof, but they didn't say anything.
> >
> >-- About that same time, I took my wife on a real hot-air balloon
> >ride.  It was magnificent, and I decided to immediately get into
> >ballooning.  That was nine years ago.
> >
> >-- About two months ago, I saw Paul Craven's web site, and something
> >inside me snapped.
> >
> >-- I met Don Piccard and his wife, who are both beyond cool.
> >
> >-- I saw the Savannah Six record attempt, which ended in a fireball.
> >In my lifetime, not counting models, I have seen two balloon
> >launches, but only one landing.
> >
> >-- I have purchased a burner, cloth, load tape, and crown ring.  I
> >expect to start cutting in two days to make a balloon with a volume
> >of 22,000 cu ft.  I live in an apartment in New York City which has a
> >volume of 6,000 cu ft.
> >
> >That's everything. I suspect I have less balloon experience than
> >anyone else on this list, which may be a relief to some of you, but
> >is a source of some concern to my wife.
> >
> >Cheers,
> >
> >Tom
> >
> >PS: I calculate that my burner, a Raven/Aerostar HP II, can be used
> >to simultaneously prepare 3,007 servings of "Hoover Chicken".
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