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Thu Apr 19 14:47:17 CDT 2001

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From: phillip macnutt <macnutt at jump.net>

>He has built cubes, flown pianos (probably played it while in flight,
and I
>know he flew it, because skinny and I came across it when I landed out
>his place),

Yep, one year it was in a beautiful field across the road, the next year
the piano was moved (flown again) back to Brian's so it could weather
into a nice work of art.

>has a museum with about 40
>or 50 baskets, and that many again envelopes in it,

Here's only a *sample* of the items in Brian's museum:
47 crutches, a lazy-boy sled, 3 dentist chairs, 13 typwriters, 1
space shuttle tire (only used once), hundreds and hundreds of beer
bottles from all over the world, 28 skis, 1 urinal (but ur feet get wet
if you use it), 178 light bulbs (good), 23 light bulbs (bad), 72 pairs
scissors (new, unused), 1 model T fire truck, and last but not least the
entire sounding board for above mentioned flying piano.

I have never met anyone as creative as Brian. As a nerd engineer with no
talent, it makes me sick.

Phil and I can provide a viewing of our VT2K video from last year's meet
(about 30 minutes). How about Saturday evening, upstairs in the museum
next to the "Shrine to Spam" since it's wide and open area. We need
someone attending next month's meet can drive in from a little closer
than us Texan's and bring with them a TV. Maybe someone else can pitch
for the popcorn. If there's interest, perhaps we can also show the
VT2K-1 (that's the 1999 footage) as well.

For a sneak preview, there is a 2 minute trailer on Phil's web site at
http://www.jump.net/~macnutt/dv.html . Look near the bottom for "Vermont
Experimental Race Intro". Quicktime, as well as high speed internet
access or patience is necessary.



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