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 Hey SkinneyT. If you take a look at Bernard Smatana's web site: www.radiocontrolledballoon.com, you can see how he sets up his tanks and burners. He does use camping sotve bottles. I am using the 16.4 oz stubby bottles on mine. I use 3. Also, take a look at Michael Bolling's site: www.ballone.com It is in German, so you have to translate it by clicking the English version of "home model". Go to the catalog pics and there are lots of pictures of his burners and baskets and all sorts of stuff. But maybe you would be interested in copying one of his burners. If I can help you with building this model, let me know. Thanks ---- Kasey

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> wrote:
>I'd like to make Greg's question a bit more general.
>I'm getting the itch to learn some balloon construction techniques by
>building a model for our company to use in advertising. I thought
>building a burner would be great fun too, and I wouldn't have to worry
>about killing myself or having the thing explode in flight since it
>would just be a working model ;-)
>In building homebuilt burners (with copper I assume), what are the
>issues with using propane? Is the pressure a problem in creating
>leak-proof fittings? How well does the copper tubing stand up to the
>I was anticipating using two camping propane 'bottles'. One upside down
>for the liquid feed, and one right side up as a vapor feed for the pilot
>Tim - SkinnyT
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>>Curtis -
>>You built a burner powered by kerosene?  That's pretty neat.  Why
>>I'd like to understand more why that's an alternative to good ol'
>>I know the Bretling Orbiter 1 used kerosene and I've hear of a few
>>instances where people have tried it.  What else can you share with us
>>the advantages and disadvantages of a kerosene powered burner?
>>Greg Winker
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>>The burner was powered with kerosene and I had the jet too large(but
>>another story) so needed to drill a smaller one  when a friend
>suggested the
>>dental bits.
>>Fly safe,
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