[balloon-makers] Fw: Check it out! nerd balls in 3D!

Tom Deering hot-air at deering.org
Fri Apr 27 18:47:24 CDT 2001

On 4/27/01, Tim Baggett wrote:
>Okay, okay Tom! I got your email scolding us that we're emailing
>privatly more than publically after the list change.

It was meant to be more informational.  Sorry.

>I'm guilty, so I'll
>share with everyone what I was doing last night. Images are not
>attached, but on a web server with links at the bottom. When I get the
>fly-by movie done, I'll put it on the web as well.

Very nice model.  I had no idea Matlab could do this kind of 
analysis.  Wow, pretty powerful.   What kinds of parameters are fed 
in?  Matlab would be fun to mess with, but it's like an 80 meg 

>If anyone has suggestions for modeling the temperature in the envelope,
>stresses, etc., feel free to share or point me in the right direction.
>I'm an electrical engineer nerd by trade, to the whole structural and
>thermodynamics thing is not my bag...

I was wondering what would happen if we hung overtemp tags inside an 
envelope at various points.  It would be fun to see how hot the air 
got at different points inside.

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