[balloon-makers] How to swage? (Nicopress)

phillip macnutt macnutt at jump.net
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Do you have the big bolt cutter looking kind, or the small handle held model
with 2 bolts?

If you have the hand held, you should probably pitch it and get the "real"

Each sleeve size uses a different number of swages (squeezes).  A 3/32 uses
2 I believe.  A 3/16 uses 4.

Sailers usually use 2 sleeves because of the extreme shock loads they get
during sailing.

I believe I have video of a swaging operation.  Maybe I can quicktime it and
post it.

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I have never seen a swaging tool, and I don't know how to use one.
Can someone give me some pointers?

The tool has a single groove, but there are two pieces of cable
inside the sleeve.  How do you position the jaws?

How many places do you need to squeeze?  Two, three?  (I will be
swaging 3/32 cable.)

Is there any difference in the procedure for the stops, since they
only have one cable inside?



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