[balloon-makers] pre-wound bobbins, again

Mike & Tammie skyfun at ncia.net
Sat Apr 28 08:47:36 CDT 2001

You will find more to sew than just your balloon and will use up all those
bobbins. If funds are that tight you can either wind your own bobbins or buy
prewounds and two 8oz spool of thread. The other option is buying a box of 4
spools of 4 ounce thread. Two spools for the upper threads, one spool for
winding bobbins and one spool for your single needle machine. Yes a single
needle machine does come in handy.

By the way if someone is looking for prewound bobbins and the person selling
them ask what style bobbin you need and you reply," its for a 112w140", they
will repeat "what style bobbin do you want". The correct answer is a style
"G" bobbin for the 112w140 machine. If you happen to have a single needle
Singer 31-15 machine you need style "A" bobbin.

I saw the instruction manual for the 112w140 on the Cutters Exchange website
but did not see the parts listing book. If one happens to be in need of a
copy it can be purchased for about $5 from Singers industrial department.
Their main number is 615-867-7739, for parts and manuals I found it handy to
call Shawna at 615-893-5092. She is a very pleasant lady to deal with...
she is very patient also as she had to put up with me.

All for now,

20 days and counting.....
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> An extremely silly idea came to me, but perhaps there is the tiniest
> bit of merit to the idea.  :^)
> It occurs to me that people recommend that you buy two spools of
> thread and a box of bobbins, not because you really need two pounds
> of thread, but because there are two needles.
> For a small, vertical gore balloon, perhaps a person could buy *only*
> pre-wound bobbins, no thread at all, and come out cheaper.  This is
> the way I figure it:
> 16 gores means 32 vertical seams.  If you use four bobbins per seam,
> two upper and two lower, that would be 132 bobbins.  (32*4=128)  You
> must buy them by the gross anyway, so that leaves you 12 more bobbins
> for horizontal load tapes or whatever.
> Wouldn't a box of bobbins alone be cheaper than a box of bobbins plus
> two pounds of thread?
> I realize that several things would spoil this plan:  horizontal gore
> balloons due to the additional seams, a large envelope, or multiple
> envelopes (because then you would have a use for all that leftover
> thread and bobbins.)
> Just a thought that came to me.  Maybe it's a dumb idea.
> Tom
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> nothing.  It works for my wife.
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