[balloon-makers] How to swage? (Nicopress)

Curtis Pack cpackdo at citynet.net
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Use the National Telephone Swager Tool. I have many experiences with making
up cables
for ultralights. Go with the real tool and correct swages. You will not be
sorry no matter
how much of a problem it is to get or borrow the correct one.
Accept no substitutes. You should proof load your cables also if possible.
This is often the most difficult
part ( it is hard to find someplace to hang 700 or so pounds).Check with the
local EAA chapter
and they'll usually know where you can borrow the swager.
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> On 4/28/01, phillip macnutt wrote:
> >Do you have the big bolt cutter looking kind, or the small handle held
> >with 2 bolts?
> >
> >If you have the hand held, you should probably pitch it and get the
> >one.
> I have seen the ones that you screw down, and that looks like too
> much hassle.  On the other hand, the correct Nicopress model is $150.
> So I have chosen to skip both of those options, and made my own.
> Home Depot sells a 18" bolt cutter.  I modified the jaws so they are
> flat where they meet, rather than sharp.  The metal is surprisingly
> soft.  I was able to do the work with a Dremel tool in about an hour.
> Monday, I will call National Telephone (Nicopress makers) and ask
> what size hole to drill for a 3/32 swage.
> >Sailers usually use 2 sleeves because of the extreme shock loads they get
> >during sailing.
> Is there any down-side to doing this on a balloon? The swages don't
> seem like they would weigh much.
> >I believe I have video of a swaging operation.  Maybe I can quicktime it
> >post it.
> If it's not too much trouble, that would be great.  Or maybe I could
> get a video from National Telephone.  There is a picture of a
> finished swage at
> http://www.nicopress.thomasregister.com/olc/nicopress/
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