[balloon-makers] Dead Envelopes Available (cheap!)

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Rat, is that 23 the one you paid one dollar for?  I remember that day...

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Hey y'all,

I have a unique 23,000 cubic foot 12-gore experimental envelope (purple,
black and yellow with rainbow pattern, cables and rigging included)
available along with a 56,000 cubic foot Fantasy Balloons envelope (red,
yellow, black & white thunderbird design - no cables or rigging).

These will make excellent walk balloons and can be used as fund-raisers
at balloon festivals and other events.

I have had them in my possession for the past few years but they now
need a new home as the basement is getting too crowded to keep them in
the house anymore. I've gotten my use out of them, and it's time to let
someone else play.

The 23,000 cubic footer is slightly flyable in its current state, it
just needs parachute linework to get it to seal correctly and not waste
10 gallons in twenty minutes.

The 56k is relegated to walk-balloon status - the fabric is beyond
porous. The balloon itself actually looks nice, however, so it will be a
real crowd pleaser. The parachute is not currently tied in (the
centering lines and rigging were used in my new 42k), but can easily be
installed and used as a para-rip top if tabbed in and a parachute
cord(s) was tied to a point on the top of the disc (allowing for a quick
deflation if winds pick up suddenly). The cables have been scavenged as
well. Webbing can easily be implemented in place on the throat for
walk-balloon use.

I'm willing to trade these either separately or as a pair for any
homebuilding supplies available (preferably lightweight nylon, webbing,
Singer 212w140 parts, seam folders, carabiners, TBW Burners [LOL], etc).
I picked these up for next to nothing so I wouldn't feel morally
satisfied in accepting any money in return. However, fabric and/or other
raw supplies for other balloons I will build in the future would be
perfectly wonderful.

Pictures are on the website.     

Will be bringing them to Post Mills for exchange or trade (or to toss
them into Lake Fairlee if nobody wants to grab them!). Act quick!

Jon Radowski
Clark, NJ

P.S. - Thanks go out to Wild Bill EH and Bob Godin for donating the 23k
wayyyyy back in '98, and Gordon Anderson and Carl Strobel for the 56k in
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