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     Over the past weekend I bought a digital meat thermometer with remote
probe at Lowes for $19.00 .It uses a remote probe ( approx 2 feet long and
has a range from 20 to 350 degrees F ). It even has a settable max temp
alarm and timer. We will try it out in the model balloon and if it looks
promising I will use it for my balloon.  Its' sampling time appears to be
about 2 seconds but seems to have adequate response from what I can tell in
the kitchen experiments so far. The probe plugs into the meter with a mini
plug jack so it should be easy to lengthen the wires. I should know
something this weekend on how it functions.
     I am glad someone else enjoys catalog surfing. Thanks for the tip,
I'll stop in there to get the plugs I need.
Fly safe,

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> An odd thing happened yesterday. I got a Radio Shack catalog filled with
> things that I'm actually interested in. Here's a sample:
> Various IR/Laser thermometers. Everything from a $40 version to a $250
> version. I've heard these don't work too well in balloons, but I'd be
> interested to try.
> Temperature meters. They go from 70 to 130. Depends if you just want the
> temp, or if you also want 2 temps and average/max temps, or if you want to
> hook it up to a computer. Might be a good way to replace/build your own
> meter.
> Lots of small video cameras. Build your own version of Don's idea. Take a
> camera and point it up from the top of the balloon, and you can see if
> is a balloon over you.
> 30-in-1 RF adapter kit. Ever wish you had the right radio adapter? Here it
> is! 30 different adapters in one kit.
> There are rechargers and lead acid batteries if you want to do something
> that requires a lot of power on board.
> Digital compasses if you can't afford APRS.
> Anyway, gives me some ideas...
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