[balloon-makers] Temp gauge

Curtis Pack cpackdo at citynet.net
Mon Jul 9 14:10:56 CDT 2001

     I may be able to get away and go to Oskosh the end of this month. I
should be able to find surplus teflon wire there. If not I may have to take
your advice and route it along the crown line and mount the gauge on the end
of the crown line. When I lift off the crown line is secured to the load
ring which is directly above my head and in easy view. This would allow me
to pack up the line and gauge seperately .Thanks for the input and outside
of the box ( envelope) thinking.
Fly safe,

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> Curtis,
> If you're worried about the wire cover melting, maybe you could try and
> run it up and over the outside of the envelope somehow. It definitely
> won't be as hot as inside!
> Just a thought?
> See ya,
> Jon

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