[balloon-makers] Your posts

Curtis Pack cpackdo at citynet.net
Wed Jul 11 07:26:21 CDT 2001

     I turned off the the HTML and went with plain text in my messages. See
if this helps. I apologize for any inconveinence this may have caused you or
the list members. I will "reply to all" with this message to see if it fixes
the problem.  I was unaware of the problem. Did any one else get the long
version of the post ?
Fly safe,

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From: Thomas Goodey <thomas at flyingkettle.com>
To: <cpackdo at citynet.net>
Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2001 6:48 AM
Subject: Your posts

> Dear Curtis:
> I subscribe to the balloon-makers list in digest form, and I thought I
> would forward the latest copy I received to you, so that you can see
> how your postings are appearing.... it may be a surprise!

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