[balloon-makers] Temp Gauge is a Success !

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The system weights are as follows :
Envelope = 110 lbs. ( mades from old style Raven fabric at 3.0 oz. per
yard.)  with top rigging, parachute and lines , crown line and handle, two
turning vents and lines, plus four aluminum carabiners, bag.
Tank, harness, dropline, regulator, and burner, burner support ring with
full fuel = 110lbs
Total system weight fueled = 220lbs

I hit 254 F very briefly on the initial blast when recovering from a pulled
top descent . This showed on the gauge for just a few seconds then quickly
lowered so I suspect a "wave" of super hot air from the burner then a quick
reduction in the temperature as the air mixes by convection in the envelope.
On a slower response gauge you would probably not see this surge ( just a
 Phil this is a test. Show all work and formulas . Do not use additional
paper. Calculators are allowed as long as memory is cleared prior to the
test. ( Actually, is there a straight forward of way looking at volume, air
density, altitude, temperature internal and external, and payload and system
weights to determine anticipated envelope temperatures ?)
Fly safe,

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> Curtis, can you send me the system weight?  include fuel quantity also.
> fyi.  when coy foster set one of his "small balloon" altitude records,
> one escapes me at the moment, he hit 600 degrees in the top of the
> this is documented in an old copy of Ballooning I have(thanks greg!).
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> List ,
> At 7:00 a.m. this morning Bret and I both flew short free flights using
> Acu-Rite digital meat thermometer with remote probe. I used 75 feet
>  twisted length) of 100 Cel. rated wire and ran the wire on the outside of
> the envelope for the test. The probe went into the parachute port and was
> attached at the parachute retaining line attachment point inside the
> envelope with the meter located above my head on the burner support.
>  Temperatures were as follows......
> Curtis 250lbs level flight 223-226 F.
> Bret  170lbs level flight 185-187 F.
> Joshman 130lbs. (tether) 173-175 F.
> Brandon 80lbs (tether) 153-156 F.
> Morning airtemp from 65 to 70 F.
> Envelope 28,500 cubic feet
> The gauge responds quickly (2 sec.) to a higher or lower temp. and goes
> on the initial blast then settles to the actual temp within the next 2 sec
> read.
> The thermometer was within 3 degrees of another type used for calibration.
> Do these temperature sound right ?
> I was very pleased, in that, the only modification was to remove the metal
> meat probe ( to expose the thermister) and lengthen the probe with wire.
> same AAA battery has been in it for 2 weeks and is working just fine. The
> price was $19.00.
> Pretty cost effective. Reliability and durabiltiy will be the next issues
> explore.
> After spending a beautiful morning flying my balloon, the wind was up and
> didn't get to test Joshmans Model. Maybe next week.
> Fly safe,
> Curtis
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