[balloon-makers] Sherwood valve problem

Curtis Pack cpackdo at citynet.net
Mon Jul 16 04:59:33 CDT 2001

This weekend after flying I noticed a "puff" of gas from the stem of the
blast valve on my T3 burner.
It uses a Sherwood metering valve with a remote mounted handle. It appears
to be a Sherwwood 440 or similar valve.
I have requested product literature ( i.e. schematic and rebuild specs).
While I am waiting ..........questions
(1) Is this the standard valve used on a T3 ?
(2) I tried to tighten the packing nut but it was already tight. Is there an
O ring seal used at the stem ?
(3) What does a rebuild entail ?

I am sure we'll get it figured out. Any tips or advice on how to proceed ?
Fly safe,

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