[balloon-makers] email problems in the future

Tom Deering hot-air at deering.org
Mon Jul 16 06:52:08 CDT 2001

This email has nothing to do with you, since you are reading it.  :^)

But in the future, if your email address ever stops working, I may 
have to unsubscribe you from the balloon-makers list.  Please do not 
be upset if this happens.  Just re-subscribe when things are fixed.

A couple email addresses have been generating errors, but I cannot 
contact the list members to let them know.  It's like calling someone 
to let them know their phone doesn't work.

Just wanted to let everyone know for the future.


Tom Deering

PS:  And thanks to EVERYONE for their contributions, civil manners, 
and respectful tone.  Email lists can be a real pain to administer, 
but you all make the job easy.  Thank you.

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