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Kasey Schwemmer Blunist_2004 at ballooningmail.com
Tue Jul 17 15:18:42 CDT 2001

Hey Allen. I have built a rc balloon made completely from scraps, so both of our balloons probably look identical:} Mine is the same volume and height! I have built a much smaller one that is about 10 ft tall and has a volume of about 600 cuft. Haven't gotten to inflate it yet, maybe tonight though. And for the rest of you balloon makers... I had a ball at Aerostar this last week. Though I didn't get to stay the whole time because of a death in the family, I still had a great time. 


--- Alan Mackie <awm at awm197.demon.co.uk>
> wrote:
>   Yo :>
>As instructed by Sir, a few words about who and why.
>Based in Ayrshire in south-west Scotland and currently using a 1,200 
>cubic foot (15 feet high) home-built balloon as a lifting platform for 
>aerial photography. On windy days a kite does the same job.
>OK, not the most exciting project compared to some of you guys, but 
>staying firmly on the ground and running it all by radio is maybe a 
>little less wearing on the nerves? Discuss. (40 marks.)
>At the moment there's a 1600 beast on the drawing board, fabric bought, 
>ready to start cutting, this being the fifth one built so far. The first 
>one was too small, the second was altered so often to try out various 
>configurations that it ended up looking like a patchwork quilt and the 
>other two are still flying regularly.
>It's maybe worth pointing out that the smaller balloons, while seemingly 
>the identical technology, do in fact have a few different problems from 
>the bigger beasts. As a simple example, the ratio of surface to volume 
>is a lot higher the smaller we go, so the heat loss is greater.
>But it's basically the same thing, though with, oddly enough, even more 
>insurance and regulation restrictions than people-carrying beasts, 
>certainly here in he UK.
>  Cheers,
>   Alan
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