[balloon-makers] velcro specs?

Mike & Tammie skyfun at ncia.net
Sun Jul 29 08:35:35 CDT 2001

I used one inch squares on my 56k 12 gore and find that I only need to use
about a third of that. If I use the whole inch it takes all my weight to
reseat the top after inflation. As the velcro wears I will use more of the
square...  when that doesn''t work anymore its time to build a new
balloo...eerr   ahh....    I mean its time to replace the velcro.

37 hours on Fugly now and I enjoy flying it more than my store bought

Mike Lavoie....  waiting impatiently for the festival at
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> I am making a 22K balloon.  I need to purchase my Velcro, and I don't
> know how much is enough (or too much.)  The vent is 14 feet in
> diameter, 16 gores.
> I assume I will purchase one-inch Velcro.  Any reason to consider
> something else?
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> Tom
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