[balloon-makers] velcro specs?

Mike & Tammie skyfun at ncia.net
Sun Jul 29 12:53:44 CDT 2001

If Tom is using a parachute top for his balloon the velcro is only used to
hold it in place while inflating. Once the balloon is hot and upright the
vent is pulled to seperate the velcro and released to reseat using the heat
to hold it in its natural place.
If Tom is using a velcro top similar to some Aerostar balloons than 2"
velcro would be the size to go with...  you don't want that releasing until
the redline is pulled FIRMLY.

Just a few thaughts...

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> I would go with half inch velcro because it would be easier to pull.
Though I wouldn't think you would need inflight venting because of its small
size, you could probabl use whatever you can get ahold of first.
> Kasey
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> >I am making a 22K balloon.  I need to purchase my Velcro, and I don't
> >know how much is enough (or too much.)  The vent is 14 feet in
> >diameter, 16 gores.
> >
> >I assume I will purchase one-inch Velcro.  Any reason to consider
> >something else?
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