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Greg_Winker at Dell.com Greg_Winker at Dell.com
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The reason you are being quoted $8 per yard, or more, is because that's the
stuff that's approved to go into people carrying balloons.  The price
includes a component for liability insurance.  If you know the guys at
Aerostar, call them and ask them where they send the stuff the reject.  I'll
be that's available at fire sale prices.

Also, last week I re-joined the ranks of balloon owner.  We purchased an old
Cameron O-77 (yes, dad is still claiming me as his son) that has about 250
hours on it.  The bottom end is in really good shape and is equipped just
the way I want.  The top end is porous and should last me while I build a
new one.  So I'm now gearing up for a building project.  Yee haw!  I don't
have it all spec'ed out yet, but I'll pass along details when I have them. 

Greg Winker

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On 7/29/01, Kasey Schwemmer wrote:
>  Does anyone know where I can get Aerostar Diamond Weave fabric at 
>a reasonable price? I'm gonna call the factory tomorrow [monday] and 
>talk to Allen about the $1.00 per yard stuff and load tape. I have 
>contacted other Aerostar repair stations about fabric but they all 
>want $8+ for regular fabric. So if anyone knows, plez let me know!

I bought ten yards of the diamond weave from the Aerostar factory to 
make kites, and was very impressed with it.  Nothing wrong with it, 
except it comes in 1, 2 or 3 yard pieces.  So you would need to 
stitch it end to end to get a longer piece.

The only problem you might have is that it is heavy.  That might be a 
problem on a smaller balloon, I don't know.
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