[balloon-makers] velcro lawn darts

David Tanzer dtanzer at mywebgrocer.com
Tue Jul 31 07:40:38 CDT 2001

I think this is much more of an example of pilot failure than velcro top
failure.  The weather conditions were clearly inappropriate for safe flight,
and the balloon was obviously unairworthy.

David Tanzer
Charlotte, Vermont

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There is at least one well-documented case of a Raven velcro top failure
in flight... Refer to this Balloon Life article for further info.


See ya,
Jon Radowski

> Tom,
> Some of us still fly those 2" velcro death traps that were built by
> another member of this list.
>  When I started ballooning velcro tops were quite common and I have
> never heard of one failing in flight but there was one commercial
> operation (the local Raven distributor) who used to use safety pins
> to hold his worn out velcro tops in place. Or maybe that was a
> prototype of a spring top, either way, that was scary.
> Richard Rapp
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