[balloon-makers] GPS for your laptop

Tim Baggett tim at oasis.com
Tue Jul 31 08:43:18 CDT 2001

>DeLorme is running a blow-out promotion on their GpsTripmate ($50)
>and Earthmate ($90) GPS receivers, which connect directly to your
>laptop (see http://www.delorme.com/user/bargains.htm for additional
>info). For those with USB ports, the $50 USB Power Adapter Cable
>(http://www.delorme.com/earthmate/usb_pac.asp) lets you avoid battery
>hassles by using bus power from the USB port in your laptop.
>This sounds like a very inexpensive way to get into computer mapping.
>This may also be a good solution for an APRS tracking system for your
>chase vehicle. On the other hand, the two receivers mentioned above
>do not work as standalone units.

The Earthmate will not work with APRS+. I was recently trying to
accomplish this for a pilot friend, and found an article in the APRS SIG
archives on the TAPR web site that confirmed the incompatibility. The
Earthmate uses a proprietary protocol, not NMEA.

The Tripmate, I think has been used in APRS (all versions), but I
believe only with a small piece of special electronics that can
translate the Tripmate's Rockwell formatted data into the normal NMEA

For full details, go to www.tapr.org and search the APRS SIG archives
(or I bet Keith Sproul can tell us!)


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