[balloon-makers] Propane storage

Jonathan Wolfe jwolfe2917 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 1 14:11:54 CDT 2001

Hiya Tom - Glad you're having fun with your burner.
I don't always know when to take you seriously, but 
the storage of propane is a very serious matter
indeed, and should NEVER EVER be stored in 
door, even if NYC didn't have laws against it. 
Beer kegs by your bed, no explanation needed,
but propane, *no way*. I've heard wicked stories
of houses or garages blowing up from a leak that 
finally reaches a pilot light. I've never seen it 
happen, and I'd like to keep it that way.
And watch those copper burners too... :)


P.S. Lately I've been learning to paraglide, and 
besides being the funnest thing EVER, it has the 
advantage of being free (after you buy a wing) and
it doesn't involve carrying a large amount of a
compressed explosive gas. 

--- Tom Deering <hot-air at deering.org> wrote:
> I got to fire up my burner!  I had given it a few
> squirts at Keith's 
> house, but I really got to play with it, with lots
> of room and a 
> hospital only 45 minutes away.  My wife and
> mother-in-law were 
> horrified by the noise and flame, which was a nice
> added benefit.  I 
> practiced connecting, pressurizing, burning,
> de-pressurizing and 
> disconnecting, just for the experience.
> (This is not something I can do in Manhattan.  It is
> forbidden to 
> have propane indoors, and most of the bridges and
> tunnels forbid 
> propane tanks.  Fine: ten thousand dollars and 30
> days.  I'm thinking 
> of disguising my tank as a beer keg.  Then I'll just
> have to explain 
> why there is a beer keg next to my bed.)
> I bought some parts and made a small experimental
> copper burner.  One 
> day, I would like to make a smaller burner with an
> output more 
> proportional to my small balloon.  Not much to
> report, except that 
> the copper pipe broke apart after the tests!  There
> was no pressure 
> in the line, and I can't exactly explain why it
> happened, but the 
> tubing broke near one of the ports I drilled.  Now I
> have my answer 
> why burners are not made out of easier-to-machine
> copper.  Otherwise, 
> the copper burner was no big deal, but it did give
> me something to 
> play with.
> What with the valve leak and all, I decided to get
> rid of the 
> propane, but I didn't want to vent it into the air. 
> So ran a copper 
> line underneath the fire ring for the beach fire. 
> We had days of 
> soaking rain, so a normal fire was impossible, but
> the soaked wood 
> burned very nicely with propane coaxing. 
> Particularly with liquid 
> propane.  :^)  We had a big beach fire three nights
> in a row, and I 
> used up the last of the propane at midnight before
> we left.
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