[balloon-makers] Balloon Burner Experiment

Curtis Pack cpackdo at citynet.net
Tue Jun 5 06:51:25 CDT 2001

Hi Tom,
The 3/8 was bent by hand on a form with some slight crimping at the top
tight bend.
We were able to hook this burner up to liquid this weekend and it has quite
a roar.
We are still optimizing our flow to reduce restrictions and of course must
come up with a
reliable pilot light system.  This stainless tubing is rated at 600 psi
working pressure but
is ductile enough to bend easily. Bret is a pipefitter and picked this up in
his many travels.
The young gentleman is Josh Shirley a 14 year old budding balloonist ( who
many of you
may have met at Post Mills this May) who is currently working on a R/C model
balloon with the
unique feature of a single zig zag stitch on a lap seam and partial load
tapes with 30 lbs of lift.
Josh is our right hand man here and loves to fly. He is currently taking
fabric donations for his project.
As you can see in the top of the photo his model burner is almost complete
as is his radio set up.
Fly safe,

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> On 6/1/01, Curtis Pack wrote:
> >Tom ,
> >Here are a few pictures of Bret Shirleys' burner coil experiments.
> >We have used both copper and stainless. The top smaller coil is a model
> >burner which works quite well.
> >The 1/2 stainless coil cooled to much so hopefully the 3/8 stainless with
> >more wraps will vaporize well.
> >We have used the copper coils for the kerosene burner trials but the
> >kerosene is much harder to vaporize.
> Very cool pipe bending.  Did you have any trouble working the
> stainless?  I had some 3/8 or 1/2 inch stainless a few years ago, and
> it was stiff.
> Who's the handsome feller?
> Tom
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