[balloon-makers] Gas balloon project.

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Tue Jun 12 05:56:38 CDT 2001

Curtis, check out a couple of new photos on the basket site

Skinny's door fit perfect.  Basket and envelope are essentially complete,
currently working on avionics, boxes, pouches, etc.

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Phil, Tim, and Greg and all involved,
How is the gas balloon project going ? What lifting gas are using ? What
valve arrangement? Capacity?
Most of us are still rubbing sticks together to make fire while you guys get
to soar effortlessly above it all
(after the MAJOR effort of building,learning,etc.) . By the way Tim, here in
West Virginia, you would
have looked right at home on the porch "caning" as it is a noted Appalachian
craft ( alas not for
ballooning baskets) for chairs and baskets.
Fly safe,

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> I finished weaving the 9x18 inch sleep door for Phil's gas basket
> yesterday. That was a little less fun than I expected after helping
> weave the basket itself. More difficult too. I learned several things
> from it...
> When weaving with rattan, it's really nice to have the 'top' of the
> object open. It makes the weaving much much easier and I didn't realize
> how important that was. For example, when building a basket, you don't
> put the bolster on first, then start weaving. If you do, you'll NEVER
> get those last few layers of rattan woven in at the top. Hence, the
> bolster goes on last. Well, I started the weaving on a rectangular pine
> frame that Phil had built. After wrapping in some 'verticles' across the
> short length of the frame, I started weaving in the horizontals strands.
> It went well at first, but as I neared filling in the interior of this
> rectangle, it got very very hard to pull the rattan through the small
> remaining space. The result is that the last two/three layers are full
> of twisted and split rattan. I'm not too proud of those last few rows...
> Still, it seems pretty strong, looks 'okay' (certainly not what I was
> visioning when I started!), and will keep things in the basket during
> flight. I originally wanted a solid weave, but after starting it took
> way too much bending (and breaking) to accomplish a solid weave, so I
> had to end up with more of an open waffle weave.
> Also found some nifty weave methods to insure that the woven 'plane'
> stayed on one side of the rectangle frame, rather than in the middle.
> Maybe I can motivate Phil to take a few pictures of it and put them up
> on his web site.
> When the temperature is in the 90's, the rattan dries out immediatly
> when removed from water. It doesn't matter how long you soak it.
> Oh, one other thing to keep in mind when weaving... The ladies across
> the street really look worried when they come home to see a guy sitting
> in the front porch with his feet in a big bucket of water with rattan
> half coiled all flying up around him. Maybe I shouldn't have yelled out
> "Hey! Want any custom designed wicker furniture?"
> Oh yeah... almost forgot. Phil and I learned how to splice three-ply
> sisal rope last week. Pretty cool!
> SkinnyT
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> Subject: [balloon-makers] Quest for life.....
> Hello,
> Is there life on the list?
> Is anyone building anything interesting?
> Fly safe,
> Curtis
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