[balloon-makers] Gas balloon project.

Tim Baggett tim at oasis.com
Tue Jun 12 08:53:32 CDT 2001

>May I make a suggestion on weaving your sleep door?

Certainly Don!

>Lay first course vertically.  Lay second course horizontally WITHOUT
>weaving.  Lay the third course vertically WITHOUT weaving.  Lay these
>with a bit of a sag - that is loosely.
>Weave your fourth course through and all courses will become

I am totally confused. Courses? I took some underwater basketweaving
courses in college, but never any sleep door weaving courses ;-)

So I wrap the frame three times, but no weaving, then on the 4th pass
weave it through? I'm afraid my brain requires some more detail Don. I'm
not sure I understand 'course' correctly. I only see two courses
possible in my mine - the verticles that are run, and the horizontals
that are woven between the verticles. What are the other two courses?

I did run the verticles a bit loose, after a failed first attempt were
they were very tight, but the question really was "how loose to I leave
them?" I'm sure the answer is really based on experience.

Wow, after checking out Phil's pictures with the sleep door installed,
you'd think I was drunk when I was doing the weaving! No malted
beverages were consumed during the weaving of this sleep door. Also, of
course the sleep door fit perfectly - Phil built the frame.

Curtis - as for the lifting agent of the balloon, I'm thinking Phil and
Greg flew 'hot-air' in Germany. With a passenger this hot in the basket,
one can fly forever: http://www.jump.net/~macnutt/dv2.html Did they know
there is *hydrogen* up there?!

Wishing I went to Germany,

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