[balloon-makers] How much ballast? (Phil,Tim and other Gassies)

Curtis Pack cpackdo at citynet.net
Wed Jun 20 05:13:49 CDT 2001

A question which came up in my wifes prep for a 
summer school reading program.
How much ballast does a gas balloon carry ? Does it 
carry in proportion to its gross lift,
payload or other ? Is there a formula (simple) she 
can use with kids 5th - 6th grade? The theme is
"Flying High with Summer Reading" . I don't know if 
a kid from Leon,WV will ever see a gas balloon
much less fly in one but I'd hate to see them 
taught the wrong calculation just in case.
(Who would have thought this 43 y.o. kid would be 
flying his hot air balloon in Leon,WV! )
Fly safe,

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