[balloon-makers] Fabric Suppliers - Westmark?

Jonathan Wolfe jwolfe2917 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 20 17:34:21 CDT 2001

Thanks for the reply Rat (and everyone else too).
I think I'll go ahead and order 100 yards of it 
(Kenyon)for the top of the balloon. 

To answer your other question, yes, they sent me a
sample of 60" 1.1 oz calendared fabric (the same stuff
I built Julia Dream out of) and they're selling it for
3.60 a yd. (More then the heavier urethaned stuff, 
but you never quite get what you pay for...) 
It's beautiful fabric, but I'm not sure how ideal
it is for balloons. I have only about 80 hours on
Julia, and I'm frightened she might be getting more
porous. Hard to say though, as it's getting warmer,
and maybe my friends are getting heavier, I dunno.
It'll be interesting to see how it plays out. Of 
course I want her to last forever, which won't happen.

Brian seems to have had good experience with it. 
I'd go with the silicone stuff though (unless you
want to tiedye it:)  The best thing about the fabric 
is how easy it is to pack up and carry - Julia, a 
50,000 c.f. envelope weighs only 69 lbs.  


P.S. I'll post some progress photos one of these days.
It really is breathtaking. Thanks for the interest, 
all who replied privately. 

--- Rat6666 <rat6666 at home.com> wrote:
> Last year I built a 100,000 cubic foot envelope from
> 1.9 oz. Westmark
> fabric - Good quality stuff. As was mentioned, Head
> uses it, National
> uses it, and Custom Nine Designs (the company I
> worked at last summer)
> uses it for replacement envelopes.
> $2.90 is a good price - We used to get it for $3.00
> but I am not sure
> what the price is now. They may be trying to sell
> some leftovers, or
> maybe not... But if you order any, make sure they
> send you Kenyon brand
> - if by some chance you get "Amerbelle" I would
> recommend taking a good
> look at it before cutting any off of the roll
> (otherwise you can't send
> it back!). I had a much better time working with
> Kenyon (it has more
> "body," easier to cut, fold, etc). The Amerbelle
> brand was a pain to
> work with because the coating was slightly tacky, so
> it stuck together
> somewhat when folding and sewing. Plus it seemed
> pretty flimsy compared
> to the Kenyon brand. Kenyon was a breeze to work
> with.
> Westmark also has 1.3 oz. silicone impregnated
> stuff, last I checked the
> price was $4.60/yd for 64" wide fabric.
> You can also get 1.9 oz. silicone 60" (*Almost*
> Hyperlast.. lol) for a
> dollar above Urethane 1.9 oz. price. But that's
> obviously useless for
> dyeing.
> Does anyone know if they stock 1.1 oz. calendared
> fabric, and if so,
> what price? 
> That's all I've got to offer! Overall a great
> fabric. Just make sure
> you've got Kenyon or similar quality. If it feels
> cheesy, beware.
> See ya,
> Jon Radowski
> http://members.home.net/rat6666
> Jonathan Wolfe wrote:
> > 
> >    I've been shopping for fabric myself, and I'm
> > curious if anyone has any experience using
> > Westmark's 1.9 oz Ripstop nylon. They quoted me
> > $2.90 a yd for 100 yd rolls, which is quite
> > reasonable. I just dyed a sample, which came out
> > very nicely. It's not quite as pretty a fabric as
> > the 1.7 oz Carrington I've been using, but for the
> > top row of panels and the parachute I think it
> > should be fine.
> >    But I'm curious if anyone has any pros or cons
> to
> > share about it before I go build the top of
> > my balloon Gloria with it.
> >    By the way, she's coming along BEAUTIFULLY! I
> am
> > getting so excited!
> > 
> > -Jonathan Wolfe
> > 
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