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There is a simple test for balloon fabric, and you don't need a puller to 
test the strength. Line your rip-stoppers up on the fabric so that they are 
in a straight line and fold the fabric. Take your fingers on this spot and 
try to tear the fabric. If it tears, it is probably below 30 lbs. This 
*was* the cut-off point for T&Cs. I hear they have recently come out with a 
new manual, and don't know if they have a new tear strength. This is as low 
as you want to go as far as tear strength goes.

As for porosity... the English have always used a very simple test - blow 
through it. :-)) This is an excellent test! The more blowing you do on your 
fabric, the better it is to judge that fabric. With good fabric, you can 
blow and blow, but not get anywhere. If your fabric is porous, you can blow 
through it with no problem. Replace it if it's in this shape.

New fabric? Westmark 1.9 oz ripstop fabric pulls at over 100 lbs.


At 09:05 AM 5/24/01 , you wrote:
>Thank you ( and Bill) for the explainations.While we are on the subject of
>fabric testing are there any good,
>simple,repeatable methods of fabric pull and tear testing. I am sure as
>homebuilders we can all come up
>with an idea. Anybody have a method that is reproducible from builder to
>Micki would you happen to have some values of typical balloon fabric (new
>and minimum values)?
>Fly safe,

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