[balloon-makers] Go get'em Greg and Wilhelm !

Greg_Winker at Dell.com Greg_Winker at Dell.com
Wed Oct 3 12:18:31 CDT 2001

Good luck and Godspeed to Phil and Julian from me too.  As you know, Julian
is one of the legends of our sport, having done nearly everything there is
to do.  It would be hard not to root for him.

Speaking of Phil's site, he recently downloaded a new video from Germany.
This one is rated G, but still worth the visit.


I'll report back to the list anything interesting that happens at Fiesta.  

Good Floating!

Greg Winker

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>Julian emailed some photos which I was hoping to put on a web page,<
>but it looks like I'm going to run out of time before I leave for Fiesta.<

E-mail them to me and I will post them online until Phil has a chance 
to put them up on his site!

I am rooting for Julian and Phil, because they're the only two I know 
personally. ;-) But Greg, I hope you do well too. ;-)

Godspeed to all teams!


Roland Escher
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