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Through the magic of amateur radio - we can all follow the progress of the

Each balloon is carrying an device on board that reads the same GPS data the
pilot sees and then sends it out on an amateur radio frequency - all over
the USA (and much of the world) there are ham station where this data is
received then sent through a gateway to the Internet.

First, go to www.aprs.net make sure you are "java-enabled" then use the
applet menu to get the western US map - you will see balloon icons.  At
10:30 CSTsix balloons were reporting in.


Once you have recorded the callsigns you can go over to www.findu.com and
follow the instructions, or use a direct cgi inquiry, like this...


you'll get the data and a map for each balloon (the raw packet data should
also include altitude if the mode is $GPGGA but it appears none are using
that mode )

clicking on find nearby stations should turn up the rest of the pack -
anything with a last number "5" should be a balloon

Now if someone call tell us who is who.... Peter Naumburg, are you out

...settling in to watch the race unfold

Malcolm McLeod

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Replies will be automatically sent to the list.

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