[balloon-makers] America's Challenge

Rat6666 rat6666 at home.com
Mon Oct 8 06:12:30 CDT 2001

PICTURES!!! WE NEED PICTURES!!! Gas and Tie Dye! Any locations with
decent images yet? I'll announce them if I find any.

Yet again, wish I were there! Have fun everybody, and I hope you're
hoarding all the good weather, cause up here it's been ugly.


> Just returned fromhours atthe command center for the gas race. Phil and
> Julian report the new balloon is flying well - certainly a relief for me
> as a helper building it! Guess we had no major holes ;-)

> Went out for half an hour to the glow tonight. Went for one reason - to
> see Johnathon Wolf's Gloria. WOW! You guys think the tie-dye balloon looks
> good in pictures, it's incredible when it's glowing. He also did an
> awesome job weaving the basket.
> Tim
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