[balloon-makers] Smalley Sigma Shapes

Tim Baggett tim at oasis.com
Mon Oct 15 09:29:21 CDT 2001

>What a week Phillip and I have been through.  Too many highlights to
>right now, but look for some details in the next day or two.  Thanks to
>everyone who helped, especially those I haven't had the chance to

Ha, you guys didn't have to talk to the FBI and FAA.... only throw sand
out of the basket!

To expand on Phil's email earlier, Greg did take thrid place in the gas
race after he and Willie landed in Madison WI. For that accomplishment,
Greg has a very nice cut crystal trophy! Good flying guys.

Unfortunatly, the trackers used poor batteries which died after about 12
hours. Only Greg and Willie's tracker worked after Willie got bored and
rewired the tracker to his lead/acid batteries.

This was my first close-up experience with gas ballooning. It was a
great race. Up through the first day, everyone was clustered together.
For the first 24 hours Willie and Greg were even dragging behind
everyone else, but ended up in a very fast wind later. It's very
interesting to watch the track of the balloons and see the different
strategies play out.

I think I'm hooked!


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