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Greg and Phil,
Great flights.What a wonderful adventure. Any pictures by for the rest of us
? Does Phil have a movie in the pipeline yet?. How was the night flying in
the U.S.A.?
Thanks for the simplification of the sigma value. I would be interested in
those reports.
Keep those gas bags floating !
Fly safe,
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> In response to Curtis' question about the sigma factors, I consulted the
> expert and include the following information.  I know someone at the
> Flight Facility and will see if I can get a copy of these reports.  Let me
> know if you would like a copy "for research purposes only."
> What a week Phillip and I have been through.  Too many highlights to list
> right now, but look for some details in the next day or two.  Thanks to
> everyone who helped, especially those I haven't had the chance to thank.
> Good Floating!
> Greg Winker
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> From: Jim Winker
> Regarding the Smalley sigma shapes:
> The simple answer is that the shape gets much shorter and fatter as the
> sigma value goes up. Sigma 0.0 is for a situation where the ratio of
> balloon weight to payload weight is very low, that is, the balloon is
> considered weightless. At the other extreme, the payload weight is small
> compared with balloon weight  --  as would happen if trying to reach a
> very high altitude on a big balloon with a small load. A typical hot air
> balloon would normally want to take the shape at about sigma=0.0.
> The full answer cannot possibly be put into an e-mail. Smalley covered
> the subject thoroughly in a series of a half dozen reports in about 1963
> to 1965. These can be seen at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility, VA
> Balloon Technology Archive. That is NOT a lending library.
> Jim Winker
> > From: Curtis Pack [mailto:cpackdo at citynet.net]
> > Subject: [balloon-makers] Smalley and Sigma Relationship
> >
> > List,
> > Can anyone explain the relationship the sigma value has for the Smalley
> > factors and the resulting change in the envelope ?
> > Thanks.
> > Fly safe,
> > Curtis
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