[balloon-makers] Experimental Balloon Meet 2002 - CANCELLED

Roland Escher rescher at rescher.com
Fri Oct 19 07:48:22 CDT 2001

Dear Louise,

That is very sad news for the pilgrims who have gotten used to 
seeking out the Mekka of Ballooning in May of each year. However, I 
am certain that you and Brian did not come to this decision lightly.

Would you be willing to elaborate on some of the considerations that 
lead to the cancellation? Is there _anything_ we can do or could have 
done? Will you be travelling out of the country in May? Did you feel 
that balloonists were abusing your hospitality? Was the event simply 
getting too big? I sincerely hope that everybody and everything is 
still OK up in Post Mills.

Please share if you can. I think that many of us would feel much 
better knowing why.

Buoyant regards to both you and Brian!


>Its official guys..
>There will be NO Experimental Balloon and Airship Meet, 2002.  Its
>-Brian and Louise Boland
>Replies will be automatically sent to the list.

Roland Escher
Replies will be automatically sent to the list.

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