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I don't have any idea what it might be worth, but for the right price, 
people will buy just about anything. Baskets aren't that hard to work on if 
you work in the proper order.

We had a basket brought to us not too long ago that the owner was going to 
repair on his own. He had cut out large areas of wicker on the sides and 
bottom of the basket, pulled the ropes out, etc. Problem with cutting out 
all this wicker is it took away the alignment. The step holes had wicker 
wound around verticals, and the verticals got cut out, leaving curled 
wicker hanging loose (the new verticals should have followed the old ones - 
pushing the new in as the old was pulled out).  When doing horizontal 
repairs, it should be a one piece out, one piece in repair. The wicker cuts 
should be staggered (with the new wicker passing at least 8" past the area 
where you made your cut) so you're not cutting several pieces in the same 
place. It would create a weak spot in your wall. While we could certainly 
fix the basket, it would be pretty labor intensive (expensive). It could 
end up being a long winter project for him.

If you decide to sell the basket, send me an ad and I'll post it when I get 
home from Greenville.

At 02:49 PM 10/25/01 , you wrote:
>I just accquired an old Raven basket ( flat top with aluminum uprights ). I
>purchased it for the tanks, instruments and burner for use in my
>homebuilding efforts. The basket has an area under one tank that is bad
>(first layer of the plwood) and a few ( 3-4 broken horizontal strands of
>wicker. It was last flown a few years ago ( it has a pocket assembley
>labelled "1977 Indianola Nationals" !).
>My question :
>Is is worth anything or should I hang it in my barn for the kids to play in?
>I personally have no interest in heavy baskets.
>You may respond privately or to the list (as you wish) as there may be some
>general interest in your reply that others can benefit from concerning
>basket repair/rebuilding etc..
>Thank you.
>Fly safe,

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