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Curtis Pack cpackdo at citynet.net
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Thanks Micki,
I don't know if I am up to the task of repairing a basket I'll never use.
: ) I can see where the proper order would be essential for a good repair. I
can't imagine selling the thing since shipping would be more than the value
of the basket !
There are not a lot of homebuilding balloonist here in West Virginia. I do
appreciate your learned advice and input to me ( and the list ). If you like
I'll send you a photo of the barrell basket covering we completed last week.
Thanks again.
Fly safe,

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> Curtis,
> I don't have any idea what it might be worth, but for the right price,
> people will buy just about anything. Baskets aren't that hard to work on
> you work in the proper order.
> We had a basket brought to us not too long ago that the owner was going to
> repair on his own. He had cut out large areas of wicker on the sides and
> bottom of the basket, pulled the ropes out, etc. Problem with cutting out
> all this wicker is it took away the alignment. The step holes had wicker
> wound around verticals, and the verticals got cut out, leaving curled
> wicker hanging loose (the new verticals should have followed the old
ones -
> pushing the new in as the old was pulled out).  When doing horizontal
> repairs, it should be a one piece out, one piece in repair. The wicker
> should be staggered (with the new wicker passing at least 8" past the area
> where you made your cut) so you're not cutting several pieces in the same
> place. It would create a weak spot in your wall. While we could certainly
> fix the basket, it would be pretty labor intensive (expensive). It could
> end up being a long winter project for him.
> If you decide to sell the basket, send me an ad and I'll post it when I
> home from Greenville.
> Micki
> At 02:49 PM 10/25/01 , you wrote:
> >Micki,
> >I just accquired an old Raven basket ( flat top with aluminum uprights ).
> >purchased it for the tanks, instruments and burner for use in my
> >homebuilding efforts. The basket has an area under one tank that is bad
> >(first layer of the plwood) and a few ( 3-4 broken horizontal strands of
> >wicker. It was last flown a few years ago ( it has a pocket assembley
> >labelled "1977 Indianola Nationals" !).
> >My question :
> >Is is worth anything or should I hang it in my barn for the kids to play
> >I personally have no interest in heavy baskets.
> >You may respond privately or to the list (as you wish) as there may be
> >general interest in your reply that others can benefit from concerning
> >basket repair/rebuilding etc..
> >Thank you.
> >Fly safe,
> >Curtis
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