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Curtis Pack cpackdo at
Tue Aug 6 08:20:16 CDT 2002

The new list appears to be working so here is an update on our project. I
recieved the 3/4" type III ( 11.5 cents per yard)and the 1" type IV load
tape from Bally Mills yesterday. I ordered the class 1a in black( without
the certification paper work). We have recieved the fabric from Westmark
 heavy 1.9 with coating but inexpensive ) and we are awaitng our sewing
technician  ( me ) to accomplish a passable folded seam to begin. Actually
the cutting surface should be ready in the next two weeks and we'll spend a
few days cutting out the panels for the Boland 41-8 ( blue with tan bottom
panels and black load tapes and white thread to allow for easier seam
inspection.) I am not artistic in my applications and tend to lean towards
basic function so no offense meant to the wonderful creators of the pretty
Oshkosh ( Airventure) was fun with the BFA present in a booth to represent
ballooning ( Ruth Ludwig ,a fellow homebuilder was there manning the booth).
I met Tina Reeves, as my family crewed for the Young Eagle tethered flights.
I was impressed with the balloonist doing the tethers as they took both
young and "old"eagles for flights and spread much goodwill in the parents
with the kids. I missed the inflation of a 30 year old Semco envelope
 which, by second hand information, was intact !) This exposure represents a
very postive force for ballooning in the aviation community. I talked with
several parents ( who were GA  pilots)  as they tethered with their kids and
they were as excited as the kids.
Since Airventure is a homebuilding paradise it is an excellent chance for
the balloon building movement to be recognized ( in the past this ,I
believe, has been little appreciated) and furthered. I noticed no seminars
on sewing techniques, fabric( other than covering) ,etc. and much of what
balloonist know would be very helpful to others who make plane covers,
tents, and such.
Some vendors (Aeroquip,radios, GPS, etc) are applicable to balloonist and
the rest are just fun to look at ( would you like a Stormscope radar with
real time GPS positioning for your balloon?).
We'll continue to work on our small project here as time permits and
hopefully be flying our new envelope in the late fall.
By the way - who is on the new list or am writing to myself.
Fly safe,

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