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Yes, that was my smiling face in Ballooning.  Willie and I are all set to do
it again this year.  Only two more months to wait!

I expect to have some photo's of the completed model in the next week or
two, I'll see if I can get one or two posted on my website.   I can see the curvature of the individual gores by
holding a section of the balloon several gores wide.  I'm hopeful it will
look like the real thing when it's inflated.

The model is 1/10th scale by dimension.  That mean's it is a 1/1000th scale
by volume (1/10th cubed), or 90 ft3.  I suppose it might be light enough to
fly on hot air.  More to follow.

Good Floating!

Greg Winker

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I noted your sleeping face ( that was you wasn't it ?) in Ballooning
magazine. Nice photos from what must have been an exciting trip.
I am continuing to follow leads on the early Roth/Goodyear ballooning
handbook ( no luck at EAA or Dayton) but new leads from NE Ohio.
See if you can get some pictures of your model ( is that 1/10 scale
volume!!! or linear ?).
(Jon R. I have a sketch of the pattern but no way to scan it in. Boland 41-8
with all royal blue(1.9) panels with the parachute and the mouth panels tan
Fly safe,

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> Curtis -
> There's still a few of us out here.  Thanks for the update on the new bag.
> I am just finishing a 1/10th scale model of my upcoming building project.
> It's going to be 90K, 20 gores, lightly bulbous.  I've always wanted to
> building a bulbous gore balloon.  Based on the model, it doesn't seem to
> present any major difficulties.  I should have the model finished this
> weekend.  Then I'll start gearing up for the real thing.  My Cameron O-77
> just passed it's last annual inspection (most likely), so I'll need a
> replacement by this time next year.
> Good Floating!
> Greg Winker
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> List,
> The new list appears to be working so here is an update on our project. I
> recieved the 3/4" type III ( 11.5 cents per yard)and the 1" type IV load
> tape from Bally Mills yesterday. I ordered the class 1a in black( without
> the certification paper work). We have recieved the fabric from Westmark
>  heavy 1.9 with coating but inexpensive ) and we are awaitng our sewing
> technician  ( me ) to accomplish a passable folded seam to begin. Actually
> the cutting surface should be ready in the next two weeks and we'll spend
> few days cutting out the panels for the Boland 41-8 ( blue with tan bottom
> panels and black load tapes and white thread to allow for easier seam
> inspection.) I am not artistic in my applications and tend to lean towards
> basic function so no offense meant to the wonderful creators of the pretty
> balloons.
> Oshkosh ( Airventure) was fun with the BFA present in a booth to represent
> ballooning ( Ruth Ludwig ,a fellow homebuilder was there manning the
> I met Tina Reeves, as my family crewed for the Young Eagle tethered
> I was impressed with the balloonist doing the tethers as they took both
> young and "old"eagles for flights and spread much goodwill in the parents
> with the kids. I missed the inflation of a 30 year old Semco envelope
>  which, by second hand information, was intact !) This exposure represents
> very postive force for ballooning in the aviation community. I talked with
> several parents ( who were GA  pilots)  as they tethered with their kids
> they were as excited as the kids.
> Since Airventure is a homebuilding paradise it is an excellent chance for
> the balloon building movement to be recognized ( in the past this ,I
> believe, has been little appreciated) and furthered. I noticed no seminars
> on sewing techniques, fabric( other than covering) ,etc. and much of what
> balloonist know would be very helpful to others who make plane covers,
> tents, and such.
> Some vendors (Aeroquip,radios, GPS, etc) are applicable to balloonist and
> the rest are just fun to look at ( would you like a Stormscope radar with
> real time GPS positioning for your balloon?).
> We'll continue to work on our small project here as time permits and
> hopefully be flying our new envelope in the late fall.
> By the way - who is on the new list or am writing to myself.
> Fly safe,
> Curtis

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