balloon-makers new list and fabric pondering

Roland Escher rescher at
Tue Aug 6 20:44:12 CDT 2002

I'm glad to see activity on the new list.  I had already started 
believing that everybody had abandoned ship despite David Drum's 
valiant efforts to keep the group alive.  I'm definitely here and 
will keep reading and contributing if and where I can.

I'm glad to hear that Curtis and Greg are actually working and moving 
forward on projects.  Unlike me.  I'm still just dreaming about a 
replacement envelope for my Cloudhopper.  Tom Deering's spreadsheet 
has been instrumental in running through various volume, fabric, 
temperature and altitude combinations.  I think I'm settled on a 
volume of about 28,000 cu ft.  That way it won't be too big for my 
current 10 gal tank and 180 lbs (on bad days), but also not too small 
if I move up to a 15 gal tank for more endurance and loose those 20 
lbs that I've been meaning to get rid of.  The other question is 
whether I should try to go with all 1.1 oz calendared but uncoated 
fabric for light weight and easy sewing, or make the top third or 
half 1.3 oz coated for better impermeability and thus slightly better 
endurance.  I'm planning on a (light) Nomex mouth in any case and am 
more worried about flight performance and endurance than envelope 
life.  Any thoughts on fabric choice?

I've already got my color pattern figured out and have a great design 
for the parachute.  Jon, I may be asking for your graphic design help 
in the weeks to come.

Anyway, I must go to sleep so that I don't get fired from my summer 
job for napping during work hours. ;-)  Good to see you guys are 
still on board!

Gentle winds,

At 11:22 AM -0400 8/6/02, Curtis Pack wrote:
>By the way - who is on the new list or am writing to myself.
>Fly safe,

Roland Escher

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