balloon-makers building a model before the real thing

Roland Escher rescher at
Tue Aug 6 21:05:31 CDT 2002

Greg -

What seams are you using for your model?  I assume you're not going 
to deal with French fell seams.  I think that 90 cu ft (ca. 3 m^3) 
should be be enough for the model to fly free.  I seem to remember 
that the Schlegel family in Germany has one that is 2 m^3.  Let's see 
what Kasey thinks about this.  Make sure to post pictures when you're 
done.  (Funny picture of you with Phil and Skinny on your new site.)

I've thought about building a model because (a) it's cheaper, (b) 
quicker, (c) I could use a cheap single-needle home sewing machine. 
But I keep coming to the conclusion that I should just bite it and go 
right for the full scale envelope.  It's just 200 big panels instead 
of 200 small panels and a coouple more miles of sewing. ;-)  Maybe I 
should reconsider.  A model would certainly be better than nothing at 
all (my situation right now).

BTW: I love the Cameron O-Series.  It's my favorite envelope 
profile/shape, along with T&C's Series 1.  There's nothing like the 
structural efficiency of a slightly bulbous envelope.

Gentle winds,

PS: I also enjoyed the pictures of the gas flight in "Ballooning". 
You look as comfortable as a baby in the mother's womb.  What were 
you dreaming about? ;-)

At 2:22 PM -0500 8/6/02, Greg_Winker at wrote:
>Curtis -
>There's still a few of us out here.  Thanks for the update on the new bag.
>I am just finishing a 1/10th scale model of my upcoming building project.
>It's going to be 90K, 20 gores, lightly bulbous.  I've always wanted to try
>building a bulbous gore balloon.  Based on the model, it doesn't seem to
>present any major difficulties.  I should have the model finished this
>weekend.  Then I'll start gearing up for the real thing.  My Cameron O-77
>just passed it's last annual inspection (most likely), so I'll need a
>replacement by this time next year.
>Good Floating!
>Greg Winker

Roland Escher

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