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Don't let them intimidate you.:-)) I only wish I could afford the same machine.

I own a Brother LT2, but it's a 1989 model. I bought it for $750. I 
happened to be in the right place at the right time. It came with 2 
different sized tape feeders, a French Fell folder, and many extra parts. 
I'm a few days away from having certification on my own repair station, and 
I'd die to have a second machine like yours (or first)! What a honey it 
must be. Can I buy it? I'll give you $750! <lol>

I know I can sew through 8 layers of nomex (French Fell seam folded over in 
the bottom hem of a balloon) and 3 layers of 3,000 lb load tape (2 vertical 
load tapes and 1 horizontal 2" load tape) with my machine. Don't know if I 
can sew through 6 layers of web - depends on how thick it is. :-))

Isn't it fun having a machine that will let you do anything you want it to do?
p.s.  Can someone tell me why, when I hit my reply button, it sent only to 
Marc? Is this the way the new system is set up?

At 08:58 AM 8/26/02 , you wrote:

>Hello everyone. I am new to the list and thought I would comment on the 
>sewing machines. I am just about finished with my first balloon a 32,000 
>and am about ready to build my second a 54,000. When I was looking for 
>sewing machines I realized that you can get a decent new machine for just 
>a bit more than a 50 year old one. My machine is a Brother LT2 Mark II. It 
>has an automatic oiling system and has worked perfectly. After getting 
>used to it, I have had great luck sewing everything from 1.1 oz silicone 
>fabric to more than six layers of webbing. The cost was around $2,500. 
>Since I knew that I was going to build more than one balloon and use it 
>quite a bit in the future, I thought is was a worth while investment.
>Marc Weniger
>Lake Arrowhead, CA
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