[balloon-makers] Value of 112w140(Bob)

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Either a rubber or fabric belt will run about $35.  Japanese hook
assemblies are about $90 each.  The bobbin carrier rides in a groove and
can wear if a drop of oil isn't occasionly added to the assembly.  Some
high volume shops don't do this.  Two bevel gears drive each hook assembly.
They cost over $100 a pair.  Don't let the head fall over.  If you break
off the thread takeup lever, you can be out $250.  Parts are expensive, but
available. Some repair shops can provide used parts at reduced price.
Tennesee Attachments is a good supply and parts company--especially for
those who feel a need for a seam folder.

>Thanks Bob,
>I'll be calling back today for shipping details ,etc. I am leary since you
>usually get what you pay for but the guy seems on the up an up.
>How much should the belt and the hook assembly cost ?
>Fly safe,
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>> That's a good price for a sewing head, without motor and base, if it is
>> complete and in reasonable order.  You can download the user's and
>> adjusters manual, which will detail such issues as timing the hooks and
>> replacing the timing belt.    If it will sew a good stitch when the
>> wheel is turned over by hand, it is probably OK.  For that price I would
>> willing to replace the belt and even buy a new hook assembly, if
>> If it comes with a motor and base, its a really good buy.
>> I consider $800 to $1100 a reasonable price for a complete sewing machine
>> in good condition.
>> >    List,  I have found a 112W140 "in good working order" for  $400 +
>> >shipping (approx $100). Is this a good deal? I am remote from the big
>> >city and the machine would be bought on the sellers word without an
>> >inspection.  Any direct questions I should ask first. I hope to add a
>> >double needle to my  stable so we won't have to do everything twice.My
>> >single needle machine is a  Berninia/Chandler so I am unfamilar with the
>> >old Singer ( although I have read  Bobs articles on the machine in
>> >BBJ ).If all goes well, purchase should  take place in the next few
>> >BTW Bret completed one of the quick disconnect  fueling hoses tonight.
>> >Fly safe, Curtis
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