[balloon-makers] 30D sportchute & 70D Ripstop

Greg_Winker at Dell.com Greg_Winker at Dell.com
Tue Feb 5 08:15:52 CST 2002

Both Soar-Coat and 
Exacta-Chute are made with 30D fabric, the major difference being one is coated, 
the other is not.  Not only does this make a difference in weight, it also 
seems to impact the price.
So for the $1 per yard 
question - is the Fabtex 30D fabric coated or uncoated?  Do you know who 
the manufacturer is?
Greg Winker (<SPAN 
class=487150416-05022002>contemplating a new building 

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  Fabric is usually listed as the weight of the fabric before coatings.... 
  1.1oz is the fabric, and the distributor will tell you what if any 
  coating is on it...
  Regular balloon fabric is 1.9oz fabric ... but it is really 2.5 oz with 
  the silicone or urethane coatings.... 
  I wish I had better cash flow or =most if it would be gone..
  wild bill EH!!!
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    Wild Bill:
    I was always under the impression that the 1.1 oz fabrics were slightly 
    porous because they are only calendared and not coated (like you indicated 
    in your previous message).  Nancy's e-mail indicates that the fabric is 
    1.1 oz _zero_porosity_ . Do you know what width the fabric is?
    All this makes me want to start a new envelope immediately. 
    Unfortunately, I don't even have a machine (nor enough time) 
    Judging from Fabtex's website at http://www.fabtexinc.com/, it sounds 
    like they may be a good source of fabric.
    Gentle winds,
    Hi everyone, here is the 
      list of fabric that I received from Fabtex Inc.  they are in 
    the contact is Nancy 
    her E mail is in the 
    only 7 colors 
    wild bill 
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    Hi Bill,
    Guess What?  We just got offered some 
      1.1 sportchute zero porosity 1st quality without cert., so 
      we will sell them as 2nds.   They are as 
    White - 1400yds
    Royal - 500
    Dk. Purple -  1900
    Chartreuse - 1100
    Coral - 1400
    Hot Pink  - 1400
    Fl. Orange - 1400
    Price: $3.35/yd
    Best regards,

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