[balloon-makers] Translation: Construction d'une enveloppe

Tom Deering hot-air at deering.org
Tue Feb 5 14:37:05 CST 2002

I translated this message so I could read it myself, then figured I'd 
post it for everyone else.  Philippe, please forgive me, but I can't 
tell if Fabien is a boy or a girl.  :^\


A new hot-air balloon is being constructed in the Loire valley, 
France. The project is being carried out by Fabien Bonsergent, a 
young pilot from Angers.  Having taken an active part in the 
construction of my balloon in 2001, this pilot has decided to make 
his/her own envelope.

A model maker since childhood, Fabien is not new to the building of 
flying machines.  The volume of the envelope is 78,000 cu. ft. with 
12 gores of polyester.  He/she plans to start sewing soon.  The first 
flight is planned for spring.  Let's all wish him/her good luck.

The first photographs are on 

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