[balloon-makers] Bob LeDoux

Bob LeDoux bobledoux at proaxis.com
Wed Feb 6 17:34:52 CST 2002

It sounds good to me.  My 112w140 is a quarter inch gauge machine.  I see
no reason to change it to 3/8 inch.  I have never suffered a failure in the
seam construction, much less discovered any pulled needle holes.  The
smaller gauge also makes it possible to make seams a bit more narrow.

I'd pay $280 for a 112 head at the first offer.  Even as used parts, its
worth more than that.

>I have found two 112w140 heads. I can purchase both for a very reasonable
>price ($280 each) if I take both.(one for Bret and one for me). The catch is
>they are 1/4 inch gauge machines. The seller will include a 3/8 gauge set in
>the purchase but I will have to put it on. Is this beyond the capabilties of
>the average tinker ? Both heads are used but fully functional and sewing at
>current. He just wants to close out the old machines. I would have to obtain
>a table and motor also.( used $200,new $300 )  Any input before I bite on
>this "deal".
>Fly safe,
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