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It is not too difficult for the average person to change to 3/8". Mine had
3/16" on it when I got it years ago for parachute repair. I changed it to
3/8" to build balloons. The change is pretty straight forward although I did
have to take a couple of deep breaths before to psych myself up before
loosening the bobbins to widen them out. Worked out fine. Just use Paul
Cravens instructions for timing when you are finished and voila, you'll be
sewing before you know it.

By the way, the parts are available at a reasonable price from Augers & Sons
in Rochester NH.  603-332-5572  Ask to speak with Paul.

Another by the way, I might have a table and motor to trade for something.
It has a weird machine on it similar to the 112w140 that was once used to
make sneakers. Needles close together on the diagonal and a wheel instead of
a foot. I'm going to keep the head for spare parts for my 112. I'll check to
see if the motor works just in case you are interested.

Mike Lavoie

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> Bob,
> I have found two 112w140 heads. I can purchase both for a very reasonable
> price ($280 each) if I take both.(one for Bret and one for me). The catch
> they are 1/4 inch gauge machines. The seller will include a 3/8 gauge set
> the purchase but I will have to put it on. Is this beyond the capabilties
> the average tinker ? Both heads are used but fully functional and sewing
> current. He just wants to close out the old machines. I would have to
> a table and motor also.( used $200,new $300 )  Any input before I bite on
> this "deal".
> Fly safe,
> Curtis
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