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Micki Killingsworth micki at balloonrepair.com
Wed Feb 6 18:59:02 CST 2002

Hey Bob - no one else seems to want to tackle this issue, so I will do my 
best to address it. To annual an English balloon in the US (special shape 
or not), you must be a BBAC inspector. There are different rules to these 
inspections, and one seems to be that they require an inflation instead of 
a gore-by-gore, which is what we in the US are used to. I'm sure David 
Barker can give us the details on such annuals.

Point being that all English balloons can be annualled in a proper fashion 
if they are taken to the proper place - one that is willing to pay the BBAC 
fees, go to the UK for the *now* required updates, and keep up with the 

As an aside to this, if you miss an annual, the BBAC will de-register your 
balloon - something they don't do here in the US. :-((


>I'm not quite certain what the annual inspection requirements might be.  At
>one time, I thought that it might have to go back to the manufacturer for
>inspection; but I could be mistaken.

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