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Greg_Winker at Dell.com Greg_Winker at Dell.com
Thu Feb 7 06:53:58 CST 2002

The other day when we were talking about Smart Vents, I went ahead and
checked with my friends in New Zealand who have been flying this vent for a
while.  I've attached Daryl's e-mail below.

Good Floating!

Greg Winker (who drove to work this morning in bright sunshine and notice
all the flags hanging limp.)  ;o(

From: Balloon Expedition Co, N.Z [mailto:balexped at ihug.co.nz]

Gidday Greg,

OH yeah THEY WORK (not shouting honest)and how. I have been using one now
since April 2nd 1995 and as I have said in a previous (non private) post on
the list, it was 'love at first flight'.

My first 'Smart Vent' was fitted to a Kavanagh D105 and was the 6th or 8th
one fitted to a balloon following initial certification. This one had as you
describe a centre pull and worked extremely well. Since then Phil K has
modified the geometry of the opening pull lines so that it opens even easier
but still can be closed as easily, which I can testify to with my 2yr old
Kavanagh E180, and WILL NOT have any other sort of vent on any new balloon's
I might purchase in the future.

I don't wish to compromise Phil's Patent in any way but here's how it works.
During cold inflation the regular round 'parachute' type vent is tabbed in
place as per a conventional P/Vent. (so as not to allow the tabs to
reconnect after being cleared Phil of sets the tabs on the balloon about 5

To clear the Tabs after the balloon is standing pull the 'White' vent line
which pulls the edges down and out as with a conventional Para'vent. The
white line is rigged as normal with the exception that instead of being
fixed at the Parachute edge and the corresponding anchor points round the
balloon these fixed points are replaced by small pulleys through which the
control lines are lead and back over the top of the 'P'.They are then
attached near the circumference of the 'P' and carry on through slip rings
on the load tapes near the load ring and attached to the 'P' at the centre.
As the 'Smart Vent' is opened (the red line is pulled) the white line is
pulled up into the balloon, (there is extra W line stored in a small bag
inside the basket to allow this to happen). Pulling the white line pulls the
circumference back out into place.

The 'Red' Smart Vent line in turn is lead from the basket up to a pulley
adjacent to the first white line then directly up to the centre of the 'P'.
The later Smart Vent Plus versions, in stead of being attached directly to
the centre have a web of short lines attached a few feet from the centre and
in line with the white lines. This gives a better mechanical advantage as
initial pull has the tendency to pull a major part of the 'P' toward the
centre thus creating a large area of open vent before pulling it down
against the hot air. (eg, a one or two foot gap round the circumference of a
25ft dia hole from a 2-3ft pull on the red line)

Sorry Greg, I typed this up a couple of days ago but forgot to send it.

Hope it helps

Daryl Mckee

balexped at ihug.co.nz

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Daryl -

We're discussing Smart Vents on the balloon-makers board.  Have you had any
direct experience with them?  Can you help answer our questions (see below)?

Thanks and.....

Good floating!

Greg Winker

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On 2/4/02, Greg_Winker at Dell.com wrote:
>Tom (well, everybody really)  -
>I have seen one work, and it was slick.  But I can't exactly picture
>the workings.

>Kavanagh Balloons has an MPEG movie of the Smart Vent on their website

As I said, I have seen one work, although the video at the hidden URL
http://www.kavanaghballoons.com.au/vid1.html makes the action very
clear if you've never seen it.  It's quite impressive.

But the mechanics are unclear to me.

The parachute must be pulled by its center through some loop, hoop or
aperture, making it fold up like an umbrella.  But I've never seen
the hoop or loop nearby.

After looking at the patent, and making come drawings of my own, I
suspect it's a ring within a ring.  But what holds it up?

Also, according to Kavanaugh, the Smart Vent works just like a
regular parachute top as well.  Is this literally true?  Has anyone
used one regularly?

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